DanStem Seminar by Robb Krumlauf – University of Copenhagen

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DanStem Seminar by Robb Krumlauf

Robb Krumlauf, Stowers Institute for Medical Research 

Title: Hox genes and regulating the balance between pluripotency and differentiation. 

The lab's long-term goal is to understand the regulatory basis of tissue patterning and morphogenesis by generating a deep mechanistic level of knowledge of the Hox-dependent regulatory cascades which underlie their diverse functional roles in development, disease, and evolution. Towards this end, they investigate the upstream regulatory mechanisms which generate ordered and restricted patterns of Hoxexpression and characterize downstream Hox target genes necessary for elaborating their function. From a biochemical standpoint we want to determine the nature of their in vivo binding sites and rules for target site recognition, how they are recruited to these loci as Hox protein complexes, and the basis for specificity of individual Hox proteins. 

All are welcome. Registration is not needed.