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21 November 2014

Job opportunity: Academic worker for the Semb group

Job opportunity

We are looking for an Academic worker to support human embryonic stem cell research.

The job will consist of a combination of support duties and assisting with independent research projects in the area of human embryonic stem cell (hESC) lab. The responsibilities in the laboratory will include cultivation of hESCs, development of methods and protocols for hESC culturing and differentiation towards insulin-producing beta cells, transfections of hESC and characterization of hESC by immunohistochemistry, qPCR and FACS. The chosen candidate will secure the quality and reproducibility of the culturing conditions for the hESCs to be used in research. In addition, the successful applicant is expected to stay abreast with human embryonic stem cell and developmental biology literature and attend all meetings and seminars. 

To find out more about the position and to apply, please click HERE