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09 December 2015

Three years of funding for dissemination and outreach activities

stem cell days

DanStem received funding from the Lundbeck foundation to cover dissemination and outreach activities in the coming three years.

Followed by the successful Stem Cell Day DanStem scientists held in Christianshavn Gymnasium in April 2015, Assistant professor Mette Christine Jørgensen and Research coordinator Simone Wenkel have applied for a dissemination fund to cover the stem cell days in the coming three years. 

In our first stem cell day a group of 16 scientists from The Danish Stem Cell Center, DanStem, together with a science communication specialist from the University of Edinburgh, have interacted with over 160 Danish high school students at Christianshavn Gymnasium in a full day of outreach activities.

This event was supported by resources and expertise of EuroStemCell which helped us build the capacity and provide sustainability holding engagement activities.

This fund will allow us to engage with schools and with the general public in a more organized way.

(Holding a stem cell day was an initiative started in Italy by the Unistem project, and is now implemented in many countries all over Europe. The list of universities participating in the 'Stem Cell Day' initiative)