DKK 60 mill to the Stem Cell Decision Making Center – University of Copenhagen

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07 October 2014

DKK 60 mill to the Stem Cell Decision Making Center

StemPhys center

The Danish National Research Foundation, Grundforskningsfonden, is allocating DKK 400 million for 12 new Centers of Excellence that will set an international standard for innovative research.

In collaboration with the Niels Bohr Institute, DanStem Professors Anne Grapin Botton, Elke Ober and Joshua Brickman will establish the Stem Cell Decision Making Center, (StemPhys)

The center, StemPhys, will be an interdisciplinary center focusing on combining physical approaches with stem cell biology.

The long term goal is to be able to manipulate the identify of cells through precise understanding of their behaviour. This would include the generation of functional cell types for the treatment of disease and the capacity to reprogramme adult cells back to a stem cell like stage to be used for personalized cell based therapies.

Link to the official Danish National Research Foundation press release:
Link to KU press release (in Danish):
Link to KU press release (in English):