Sophie Morgani PhD defence, DanStem, May 9, 2014 – University of Copenhagen

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27 May 2014

Sophie Morgani PhD defence, DanStem, May 9, 2014

Sophie Morgani, a PhD student at the Brickman lab, has recently defended successfully her UK thesis.
Thesis title: 'Signalling and transcriptional regulation of early developmental lineage decisions'.
Her examiners were Elizabeth Robertson (Oxford University) and Richard Meehan (University of Edinburgh). Sophie made the major part of her research at DanStem, UCPH. 

Sophie with Prof. Brickman and the examiners

"...I have just finished my PhD at the DanStem centre", says Sophie. "I feel very lucky to have been part of the early development of this centre and what has become an amalgamation of bright, young researchers from all around the world. I have also been able to work very closely with the extremely capable University of Copenhagen Transgenic Core Facility, conveniently based within the DanStem Centre.

Working within the centre has given me the opportunity to travel to conferences around the world including Israel and Mexico, as well as collaborating with groups from the USA and Japan, such travel and collaborations being particularly encouraged at the University of Copenhagen.

In the coming months I will be trying to finish my on-going projects at the DanStem Centre while searching for post-doc positions in a similar research area, although hopefully collaborations with the centre will continue during my career. "