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08 January 2016

Copenhagen Stem Cell, Development & Differentiation Club

Stem cell club

The stem Cell Club will meet again, this time in a co-meeting with the Chromosome Biology Club. All are welcome; registration is not needed

The Stem Cell Club is organized by DanStem professors Joshua Brickman and Betta Ferretti. The upcoming meeting of the Club is organized together with the Chromosome Biology Club, organized by Jeremy Daniel and will feature four speakers. The meeting is scheduled on January 19, 2016, 16:45-19:00, Faculty Club Panum.


  • Aditya Sankar (Helin Lab, BRIC)
    “Epigenetic enzyme Jmjd2a effects sexual libido through pituitary AP-1 transcription factor machinery”
  • Thomas Kruse (Nilsson Lab, CPR)
    “A conserved short linear interaction motif for the PP2A-B56 protein phosphatase”
  • Billy Hamilton (Brickman Lab, DanStem)
    "Category errors in the pluripotency network”
  • Robert Strauss (Bartek Lab, DCS)
    “Engagement of the DNA damage response directs cellular stemness in ovarian cancer”

Meeting Chair: Kata Sarlos (Hickson Lab, CEHA)

Followed by Beer and Pizza kindly sponsored by Active Motif