Administration and Research Facilities – University of Copenhagen

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Administration and Research Facilities

Administration Staff

Laboratory and Tech Staff

  • Thomas B. Poulsen- Head of Admin
  • Naomi Dayan- PhD & Project Manager
  • Helle Hegelund- HR-Officer, PA
  • Simone Wenkel- Research Coordinator
  • Anne Karduck- Student helper 
  • Naomi Geshi - Lab Manager
  • Angeliki Meligkova ESC Specialist 
  • Gelo Victoriano Dela Cruz- Flow Cytometry Manager
  • Gopal Karemore- Image Analysis Specialist
  • Helen Michéle Neil- Sequencing specialist
  • Paul van Dieken- Flow Cytometry technical assistant 
  • Jutta Maria Bulkescher- Microscopy Specialist
Bulkescher, Jutta Maria  E-mail
Bussek-Sedzinski, Alexandra MariaAcademic employee  E-mail
Dayan, NaomiSenior consultant +45 353-35142E-mail
Dela Cruz, Gelo VictorianoFlow Cytometry Manager +45 21 55 36 75E-mail
Geshi, NaomiSenior adviser +45 20 56 00 63E-mail
Hegelund, HelleHR officer, PA +45 23 48 11 48E-mail
Karduck, AnneStudent  E-mail
Karemore, GopalImage Analysis Specialist  E-mail
Kovacs, DoraAttendant  E-mail
Meligkova, AngelikiSenior adviser  E-mail
Neil, Helen MichéleSequencing specialist  E-mail
Pike, Emily CharlotteAttendant  E-mail
Poulsen, Thomas BjørnHead of administration +45 93 56 53 99E-mail
Rathore, Gaurav SinghResearch assistant  E-mail
van Dieken, PaulAcademic staff  E-mail
Wenkel, SimoneResearch coordinator +45 29 61 95 61E-mail