Helin Lab: Molecular mechanisms leading to cancer – University of Copenhagen

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Helin Lab: Molecular mechanisms leading to cancer

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Agger, KarlAssociate professor +45 353-35020E-mail
Christensen, JesperAssociate professor +45 353-25665E-mail
Cloos, Paul Andreas CompareAssociate professor +45 353-35019E-mail
Comet, ItysStaff scientist +45 353-35007E-mail
Damhofer, HelenePostdoc +45 353-32713E-mail
Garland, William LaurenceGuest researcher  E-mail
Hedehus, LinMaster student +45 353-33267E-mail
Holck, Charlotte SvareLaboratory technician +45 353-25618E-mail
Højfeldt, Jonas WestergaardAssistant professor +45 353-25818E-mail
Kleine-Kohlbrecher, DanielaAssistant professor +45 353-37668E-mail
Kolovos, PetrosPostdoc +45 353-37014E-mail
Leblanc, Benjamin OlivierAssistant professor +45 353-25537E-mail
Lorenzini, EugeniaMaster student  E-mail
Mohammad, FaizaanAssistant professor +45 353-35035E-mail
Moroni, Ann SophieMaster student  E-mail
Møller, Bente EmmaLaboratory technician +45 353-30981E-mail
Müller, IrisPhD student +45 353-35453E-mail
Nishimura, KoutarouGuest researcher  E-mail
Pandey, Deo PrakashPostdoc +45 353-25602E-mail
Pålsson, Linda ElinStaff scientist +45 353-25687E-mail
Radzisheuskaya, AliaksandraPostdoc +45 353-35012E-mail
Rasmussen, Kasper DindlerPostdoc +45 353-35026E-mail
Shlyueva, DariaPostdoc +45 353-32585E-mail
Simón Carrasco, LucíaPostdoc +45 353-33828E-mail
Sroczynska, Patrycja AnnaAssistant professor +45 353-25613E-mail
Toftegaard, UllaLaboratory technician +45 353-25605E-mail
Weis-Banke, Stine EmilieResearch assistant +45 353-34328E-mail
Zheng, ChunqinPhD student +45 353-35038E-mail