Petersen Lab: morphogenesis and differentiation of human breast tissue – University of Copenhagen

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Petersen Lab: morphogenesis and differentiation of human breast tissue

Link to Research profile of Professor Ole William Petersen

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Barbuskaite, DagnePhD student +45 353-37752E-mail
Brahm, JesperAssociate professor +45 353-27568E-mail
Brydholm, Andreas VincentMaster thesis student  E-mail
D'Aprile, IlariErasmus master student  E-mail
Danielsen, Erik MichaelAssociate professor +45 353-27786E-mail
Dissing, SteenProfessor +45 353-27570E-mail
Frenzel, Franz BoLaboratory technician +45 353-35493E-mail
Friismose, Anita SharmaLaboratory technician +45 353-32575E-mail
Gerlach, Stephan UweResearch assistant  E-mail
Hopkinson, Branden MichaelPostdoc +45 353-35501E-mail
Hopkinson, Branden MichaelPostdoc +45 353-35501E-mail
Kim, JiyoungAssociate professor +45 353-27286E-mail
Klitgaard, Marie ChristinePostdoc +45 353-22486E-mail
Klitgaard, Marie ChristinePhD student +45 353-22486E-mail
Kristensen, LenaLaboratory technician +45 353-27295E-mail
Laustsen, LotteLaboratory technician +45 353-30695E-mail
Lund, Tove Marianne TauloSenior laboratory technician +45 353-27281E-mail
Madsen, Helena BorlandPhD student  E-mail
Nguyen, Thanh HungPostdoc +45 353-34782E-mail
Niels-Christiansen, Lise-Lotte WLaboratory technician +45 353-27788E-mail
Olsen, JørgenProfessor +45 353-35535E-mail
Pedersen, Carina LynnerupLaboratory technician +45 353-37749E-mail
Petersen, Ole WilliamProfessor +45 353-27284E-mail
Qiu, WeiminPostdoc +45 353-36890E-mail
Qiu, WeiminPostdoc  
Rasmussen, Izabela ZorawskaLaboratory technician +45 353-27179E-mail
Rasmussen, KarinaLaboratory technician +45 353-27485E-mail
Rehfeld, Anders AagaardPhD student +45 353-25539E-mail
Rønnov-Jessen, LoneGuest researcher  E-mail
Tranum-Jensen, JørgenProfessor with special responsibilities +45 353-27221E-mail
Tritsaris, KaterinaAssociate professor +45 353-27569E-mail
Villadsen, RenéAssociate professor +45 353-35589E-mail
Vogel, LotteAssociate professor +45 353-35552E-mail
Yassin, Mohammad TahaPhD student +45 353-37403E-mail