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Flow Cytometry 

The Flow Cytometry at the Danish Stem Cell Center is a shared resource laboratory between DanStem and the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research.  The facility has state-of-the-art equipment and software for analysis and cell sorting, and provides training, support and expertise to researchers at DanStem, CPR, affiliates and collaborators in the greater Copenhagen area. 

The flow core is equipped with three cell sorters and an analyzer that are available to trained users.  Also, the facility has copies and provides support for BD FACSDiva, Modfit LT, Flowjo and FCS Express. 

The flow core offers a basics of flow cytometry course together with the BRIC Flow Cytometry, and also offers equipment-specific training.  The facility also regularly hosts seminars on new flow cytometry technology, software and reagents.

In addition, consultation on experimental design, troubleshooting and data analysis can be arranged with the core manager.

Click here for: How to Prepare Live Samples for Cell Sorting

For more information, please contact the flow cytometry core manager, Gelo dela Cruz (gelo.delacruz@sund.ku.dk). 


BD FACS Aria III sorter [Standard config] [CFP/GFP config]
Location: DanStem 04.4.14 [Schedule]

  • 6 laser lines (445nm/488nm, 375nm/405nm, 561nm, 633nm)
  • 16 parameters plus scatter
  • 4-way sorting
  • tube/plate/slide sorting
  • index sorting 
  • Sorting with 70um/85um/100um nozzles

Sony SH800 sorter [Config] [Quick Guide] [Manual
Location: DanStem 04.4.14

  • 4 co-linear laser lines (488nm/638nm/405nm/561nm)
  • 6 parameters plus scatter
  • 2-way sorting into tubes/eppies
  • Chip sorting with 100um/130um nozzles

Sony SH800Z sorter [Config[Quick Guide] [Manual
Location: CPR 04.3.17

  • 3 co-linear laser lines (488nm/405nm/561nm)
  • 6 parameters plus scatter
  • 2-way sorting
  • plate sorting
  • index sorting
  • Chip sorting with 100um/130um nozzles

BD LSR Fortessa analyzer [Config[Guide] [Quick Guide]
Location:  DanStem 04.4.14 

  • 5 distinct laser lines (488nm, 405nm, 355nm, 640nm, 561nm)
  • 18 parameters plus scatter
  • HTS module for plate analysis