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DanStem PhD Students

At DanStem we see great importance in training a new generation of first class stem cell researchers. 

DanStem PhD training is based on individual research projects, working closely with a specific academic supervisor (principal investigator). Our PhD students are specifically matched with principle investigators based on their research interests and background.

DanStem is part of the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD programme

Our students:

  1. Complete an integrated curriculum
  2. Interact with international and national research students and leaders via seminar series, student research retreats; and conferences. 
  3. Receive training in hypothesis testing, experimental design, data analysis and interpretation, grant writing, and oral and written presentation skills.

Our PhD students are registered at The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen, which offers education in a broad spectrum of health science disciplines. Find out more about research at DanStem.

PhD students



Email address

Kristian Honnens de Lichtenberg Palle Serup
Christy Prawiro Henrik Semb 
Svend Bertel Steffensen Anne Grapin-Botton
Maja Borup Kjær Petersen Anne Grapin-Botton
Manuel Figueiredo Larsen Anne Grapin-Botton
Maya Friis Kjærgaard Henrik Semb
Mads Gürtler Palle Serup
Zarah Löf-Öhlin  Henrik Semb
Simon Weissmann Kristian Helin
Branden Michael Hopkinson Ole Petersen 
Tanja Lyholm Jensen Bo Porse
Meral Ilcim Özlü Elke Ober
Florian Malte Hermann Henrik Semb
Anuska la Rosa Egeskov-Madsen Palle Serup
Xiaogang Guo Elisabetta Ferretti
Alba Riveiro Joshua Brickman
Carla Goncalves Anne Grapin-Botton

Graduated PhD

Student Supervisor Date
Carsten Gustavsen Palle Serup August 2014
Sophie Morgani Joshua Brickman May 2014
Adam Cruickshank Kristian Helin September 2014
Ewa Ohlsson Bo Porse November 2014
Fredrik Bagger Bo Porse December 2014
John-Paul Bukowski Kristian Helin August 2014
Guangshuai Jia  Kristian Helin May 2014
Kathryn Anderson Joshua Brickman March 2015
Woranop Sukparangsi Joshua Brickman May 2015
Laurence Lemaire Anne Grapin-Botton May 2015
Jesper Due Jensen Kristian Helin May 2015
Anne Katrine Frank Bo Porse January 2016
Ida Holst Bekker-Jensen Kristian Helin June 2016
Ying Ge Bo Porse August 2016
Felicia Lauridsen Bo Porse September 2016
Aditya Sankar Kristian Helin October 2016
Caitlin Collin Palle Serup December 2016
Hjalte List Larsen Anne Grapin-Botton December 2016
Anne Laugesen  Kristian Helin December 2016
Fabian Roske Joshua Brickman March 2017

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