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Career Opportunities for PhD students and Postdocs 


The 'Ca-Op' Network is organized for postdocs and third year PhD students at BMI, DanStem and ICMM.
The purpose is to support young researchers in their career development, give them an opportunity to network and provide them with tool that will help them in their future careers in academia or industry. 
There will be a series of meetings through the year.

Overall themes for the meetings:

  • Fundraising and applications.
  • Career planning and possibilities in academia and the industry.
  • Teaching and presentations.

All postdocs and third year PhD students are welcome to join. 


The next CA-OP meetings:

Lunch meeting 10, 24 November 2016


Presentation techniques by Assistant Professor Claus Desler Madsen (ICMM)
Claus will give you tips, tricks and pointers on how to make a good presentation.

Lunch meeting 10, 8 December 2016


Mobility – best practice by Associate Professor Morten Bækgaard Thomsen (BMI)
Morten will talk about why mobility in science might help further your career and share his best practice regarding living abroad.

Practicalities of going to another country by Daniel Thomas Mosbæk Jensen (ISM) 
Daniel who is from International Staff Mobility will tell you about what you should be aware of when arranging a stay abroad.

Past meetings

Lunch meeting 1, 21 January 2016


Introduction to the meetings and network exercise

Introduction to SUND Research and Innovation by Faculty Research Advisor Helle Hald
The Faculty Research Advisor Helle Hald explains how to get a grip on the application process and what SUND Research and Innovation can offer you.

Lunch meeting 2, 25 February 2016

Applications – best practice by Associate Professor Nicole Schmitt (BMI)
Nicole presents her best practice in regards to applications.

Participant best practice facilitated by Research Coordinator Camilla Verdich (UCPH LOM)
In pairs the participants will discuss and write on post-it notes what they think is needed for a good application. Thereafter, Camilla will lead a general discussion on the subject. 

Lunch meeting 3, 17 March 2016


Budgets – tips and tricks by Research Coordinator Simone Wenkel (DanStem)

Presentation of how to make a budget for a grant application and references to where to find tools and knowledge required for completing a budget.


Scientific writing in English by Special consultant Nicolai Paulsen (UCPH LOM)

Get an insight into what to be aware of when writing scientific English.  Reflect on your own and others’ texts and writing strategies, and discuss best practices with the other participants.

Lunch meeting 4, 21 April 2016


Get noticed when applying for funding by Professor Henrik Semb (DanStem) and Professor Thomas Bjarnsholt (ISIM)

Researchers Professor Henrik Semb and Thomas Bjarnsholt will tell you how they found their unique way of standing out and thereby secure funding for their research. You can also use Charlotte and Thomas methods of 'standing out' in your search for your dream job.

Lunch meeting 5, 19 May 2016


Get prepared to teach by Pedagogical consultant Kirstine Dahl

On this workshop Kirstine Dahl, section for pedagogical and didactic development, will give you an introduction to teaching and provide you with basic knowledge that you can use in the classroom. Kirstine will talk about learning and teaching. What is learning? How can you as teacher motivate students? What kind of basic tools is good to know of and use in teaching? And finally, how do we structure our lessons? Kirstine invites you to ask questions and go into dialog about the issues mentioned above. The purpose is to help you get a grip on those aspects about teaching you find difficult.

Lunch meeting 6, 9 June 2016


How to plan your career by Professor Niels-Henrik Holstein-Rathlou and Professor Søren-Peter Olesen

Professor and Head of Open Competition Grants at Novo Nordisk Fonden Niels-Henrik Holstein-Rathlou and Professor and Director of the Danish National Research Foundation Søren-Peter Olesen will talk about how you can form your career in the best possible way. Both professors have previously been employed at BMI. Part of the time will be spent on questions and general discussion. Organiser: Mette Kjær Schou

Lunch meeting 7, 1 September 2016


Research in the industry by Professor Morten Grunnet

Professor Morten Grunnet will share his experiences from the industry. Morten will highlight differences and similarities between work at the universities and in the industry, give inspiration to cooperation with the industry and tell about how the biotech company Acesion Pharma was started.

Lunch meeting 8, 29 September 2016


Non-research jobs in industry by Jesper Larsen, lead specialist in Quality Control at Lundbeck A/S, and Silas Bruun, project manager at Novo Nordisk  

The two speakers will talk about the academic challenges outside research.

Lunch meeting 9, 27 October 2016


Create your career – best practice by Anne Grapin-Botton (DanStem) and Professor Hans Wandall (ICMM)
How did other researchers form their career? Two researchers will tell about their goals, success criteria and how they managed to get successful.