Maja Borup Kjær Petersen – University of Copenhagen

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Maja Borup Kjær Petersen

Reaserch area: Human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) present the starting material for the generation of all cell types of the human body, and thereby offer a unique opportunity to study the development of human tissue in vitro. The focus of my research is on the specification of the endocrine cell types of the pancreas and intestine from neurogenin 3-expressing progenitors. HESC-derived endocrine progenitors will be analysed at single-cell level to determine any potential heterogeneity within the population. Such analysis will provide novel scientific information concerning the development of the human endocrine lineages, which in turn can be used for optimization of differentiation protocols that ultimately can lead to cell replacement therapies. The Grapin-Botton Lab

Publications: Lund AM, Kildegaard HF, Petersen MBK, Rank J, Hansen BG, et al. (2014) A Versatile System for USER Cloning-Based Assembly of Expression Vectors for Mammalian Cell Engineering. PLoS ONE 9(5): e96693. 

Nationality: Danish

Special interests: I spend my time off in good company of friends and family, and enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle. I especially into running, more specifically trail-runs, which I find being a great combination of sports and nature