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Movies and videos on Stem Cells 

StemCellShorts: a series of short, award winning, animated videos introducing basic concepts in stem cell research. The videos are made PhD fellow Ben Paylor, University of British Columbia and Postdoc Mike Long, University of Toronto in collaboration with Animator David Murawsky and Composer James Wallace. More information:

Miniature Pancreas grown in 3D: Professor Anne Grapin-Botton and her group have successfully developed an innovative 3D method to grow miniature pancreas from progenitor cells in the laboratory. See video about the research (courtesy: Video Journalist Jim Drury, Reuters TV, November, 2013)

Diabetes, stem cells and sheepProfessor Joshua Brickman explains the relationship between diabetes, stem cells, and sheep in 3 minutes at a Science Slam Event on May 30, 2013 at the University of Copenhagen