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DanStem's Vision, Mission and Overall Objective 

OUR VISION is to unravel fundamental issues in stem cell biology and thereby facilitate the translation of these insights into medical practice. 

OUR MISSION is to establish an international centre of excellence in stem cell biology with a focus on development, homeostasis and disease in endocrine organs such as the pancreas, and in cancer. A future generation of international leaders in stem cell research, education and outreach will be trained. To achieve advancement not possible elsewhere the centre is establishing a synergistic critical mass unique in this area.

OUR OVERALL OBJECTIVE is to establish research programmes and technology platforms to provide answers to fundamental questions in stem cell biology, such as: the underlying mechanisms of self-renewal and differentiation of normal and cancer stem cells, how organs, such as the pancreas form, and to utilize this knowledge in future treatments/cures for chronic diseases and cancer.

Community is a Key to Success, an interview with professor Henrik Semb, DanStem's Director