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Outreach Activities

We seek to foster connections between faculty, staff, students, and the community. We strive to facilitate communication among the multitude of outreach and engagement efforts and connect with the society in Denmark and abroad.

We build relationships and provide resources that enable a wide range of high-quality outreach and engagement opportunities and efforts that connect DanStem with individuals and communities at the local, and regional levels.

Through lectures, projects and teaching activities, we deliver reliable information on stem cell research and developmental biology. 

Outreach activities 2017 

Kristian Helin

Interview: Medwatch with Kristian Helin: "Held er ikke nok til en frugtbar biotekindustri", January, 2017

Palle Serup

Workshop for 12 high school teachers, who are visiting DanStem through the framework of the UCPH inspiration day, February 02, 2017


Science talents visit DanStem: 60 talented Danish high-school students (between 16-18 years old) from the NNF Science talent program visited Panum for an afternoon. We decided to offer 6 hands-on stations (30 minutes each with 10 students at a time). The visit to DanStem is one of the best rated experiences in Science Talents in the past 7 years, February 06, 2017

Joshua Brickman

Interview: In an interview to videnskab.dk, Professor Joshua Brickman explained the significance of GMO mice to research, February 10, 2017


CPH Bioscience PhD candidates visited DanStem: 30 candidates visited the center, March 20, 2017


The Stem Cell Day 2017: School children visited DanStem and got inspired by the research activities of DanStem, March 20, 2017

Joshua Brickman & Anne Grapin-Botton

DanStem Scientists at Science & Cocktails at Byens Lys, Christiania: DanStem scientists Josh Brickman and Anne Grapin-Botton held a public lecture on ‘Stem cells and their awareness of future self - what do they need to make bodies and organs in a dish?’, March 28, 2017

Palle Serup

Videnskab.dk: “Stamceller kan snart skabe små mirakler”, af Mette Christine Jørgensen og Svend Bertel Dahl-Jensen, March 31,2017

Kim Theilgaard

Organizer of the ‘Cancer Day’ at the National University Hospital (Rigshospitalet Copenhagen), Finsenscenter, for more than 100 participant including clinicans and scientist working in the fields of oncology, hematology, and cancer biology, April 06, 2017

Agenete Kirkeby

Popular scientific presentation on Stem Cell therapy for Parkinson’s Disease at Västers Library in Lund, Sweden, May, 2017


Science to the People, Talk Title: "Stem Cells for the Brain" in Restaurant Vinhanen, Vesterbro, May 31, 2017

Henrik Semb

PanCryos was selected for startups pitching on stage at ‘Refresh’, a Biotech conference in Berlin, June 08, 2017

Joshua Brickman & Elisabetta Ferretti

Organized the Stem Cell Club Seminars at Copenhagen University, 2017

Elke Ober

Two teams of scientist have participated this year at the Videnskaben på besøg ’Science is Visiting’, where Scientist visit schools for a short lecture about their field of research.
Videnskaben på besøg: Charlotte Bailey and Ilcim Özlü went to Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium, NGG International School in Hørsholm to teach 16 students (15-16 years) and a small number of teachers about zebrafish development and disease research under the topic “Can zebrafish help cure human diseases?” This included heart and pigmentation disorders studied in zebrafish. Students observing larvae with such defects in a hands-on session and filling out a questionnaire in a prepared workbook and an ethical discussion, September 26-28,2017

Palle Serup

Videnskaben på besøg ’Science is Visiting’: Mette Jørgensen and Jonas Van Cuyl went to Atheneskolen and Endrupskolen to teach approximately 60 students (5th-9th grade) about ”Hvad er stamceller?”. This include quiz about stem cells, exercise and discussions on stem cell research, September 26-28,2017


Danstem participates in ‘Kulturnatten 2017’ at the Mærsk Tower, October 13,2017

Anne Grapin-Botton

Career day at Prins Henrik Gymnasium, November 10, 2017

Palle Serup

Mette Jørgensen interacted with student Cecilie Høj Rasmussen, 10th grade at Skt. Josefs school in Roskilde for an obligational assignment, November 20, 2017

Palle Serup

Interview with postdoc Nina Funa: “A recipe for a biological insulin pump”, posted in JDRF, November 22, 2017

Anne Grapin-Botton

Interview for Gymnasium project on Stem Cells by Caroline Bredsen Henriksen, December 07,2017

Kristian Helin



Outreach activities 2016

Anne Grapin-Botton

Hands-on class room event for high school sutdents at Prins Henrik Skolen, Copenhagen in collaboration with teacher Virginie Lahache, February 23, 2016

Palle Serup

Interview about the great opportunities of stem cells, January 6, 2016

All DanStem Pls

The Center organized a PhD course “Stem Cell Research and Critical Thinking” for PhD program students and all interested PhD students. The course took place in December 2016/January 2017 (2.4 ECTS points).

All DanStem Pls

In collaboration with the NNF Center cluster DanStem organized a PhD course “Introduction to Molecular Bioscience” in 9/2016 for PhD program students and open to all PhD students (8 full days/ 6.4 ECTS points).

Henrik Semb

EU Horizon magazine Interview, Stem cell therapies and diabetes, January 13, 2016

Palle Serup and Anne Graphin-Botton

It’s all about stem cells, Mette Jørgensen and PhD student Svend Steffensen visited Frederiksberg Gymnasium, February 2, 2016

Henrik Semb

Comments on new prospective in Stem Cell Therapy, Videnskab.dk, February 26, 2016

Kristian Helin

Interview on DR2 (TV) regarding Cancer and Barack Obama's initiative on Cancer, January 13, 2016

Joshua Brickman

Video: ‘Build a strong Research Group with The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellowship 

DanStem junior scientists

Stem Cell Day 2016, Full-day event for 120 high-school students at Nørre Gymnasium, May 3, 2016

Anne Grapin-Botton

Interviewed for article in Politiken, May, 2016 

Bo Porse

Interview in "Hæmatologisk tidskrift" concerning CSCs, June 13, 2016

Palle Serup

Interview to DR1's "Videnskabens Verden" (Copenhagen), Museion exhibition "Heirloom - Arvestykker".

Palle Serup and Anne Grapin-Botton

Mette Jørgensen and Svend Steffensen gave a presentation on pancreas development, "Bestil en forsker", Novo Nordisk A/S, Bagsværd, April 27, 2016 

Elke Ober

Co‐director and teacher of the Zebrafish module at the "Embryology: Concepts and Techniques in Modern Developmental Biology”, summer

course, Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA, June, 2016.

DanStem junior scientists

Afternoon visit with talks and laboratory tours for 25 international high-school students participating in the Brain Bee Competition in neurobiology, July 1, 2016

Joshua Brickman

The Stem Cell Podcast 75th episode discusses stem cells and culture conditions with Professor Joshua Brickman, September 28, 2016.

Palle Serup

Philip Seymour and members of the Serup group hosted a visit of 20 bachelor students from DIS for a lecture and hands‐on laboratory, October, 2016

Palle Serup and Henrik Semb

Afternoon coffee meeting with lectures, discussion and hands‐on lab tour for Type I Diabetes patients, October 18, 2016


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