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The Stem Cell Club

The aim of the Stem Cell Club seminar series is to provide a forum for presentations of ongoing research in the stem cell and developmental biology fields and to stimulate collaborations by providing an informal milieu for discussions.

We bring together groups from the Copenhagen area with the common interests in stem/progenitor cells, differentiation and development. The subject of the talks encompasses gene regulation, signallings pathways and cellular behaviors of stem/progenitor cells and their expansion and differentiation.

The seminars are held four times a year, and are hosted in the Faculty Club in the Panum building, Building 16, 6th floor Entrance (1): Main entrance from building 18 Entrance (2): from building 12, Blegdamsvej 3B, 2200 København N. The format for each event is three talks, followed by pizza and beers.

The meetings start at 16:45.

Seminars scheduled in 2018:

  • February 20th, starting 16:00: This is a joint meeting with the Chromatin Biology club
  • June 25th.
  • August 21st.
  • October 23rd. 

Please communicate with the organizers if you have any suggestions for topics and/or speakers.  

All are welcome, no registration is needed.