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Branden Michael Hopkinson

Reaserch area: Mammary stem cells and breast cancer


  • E. Balk-Møller, J. Kim, B. Hopkinson, V. Timmermans-Wielenga, O.W. Petersen, R. Villadsen (accepted): A marker of endocrine receptor-positive cells, CECAM6, is shared by two major classes of breast cancer: the luminal and the HER2-enriched. American Journal of Pathology.
  • Vestentoft PS, Jelnes P, Hopkinson BM, Vainer B, Møllgård K, Quistorff Q, Bisgaard HC (2011): Three-dimensional reconstructions of intrahepatic bile duct tubulogenesis in developing human liver and in disease. BMC Dev Biol.
  • G. Wang, N. Goyal, B. Hopkinson (2009): Preparation of L-proline based aeruginosin 298-A analogs: optimization of the P1-moiety. Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 19:3798-803.
  •  G. Wang, S. Cheuk, H. Yang, N. Goyal, P. Reddy, B. Hopkinson (2009): Synthesis and Characterization of Monosaccharide-Derived Carbamates as Low-Molecular-Weight Gelators (dagger). Langmuir.

Nationality: U.S.A

Special interests: I like watching movies, investing and sailing.