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Post-Doctoral Training Programme

Our post-doctoral training program aims to develop world-class research professionals and leaders.

DanStem’s mission is to train postdoctoral fellows to succeed with confidence and skill, while assisting them in planning and pursuing their preferred careers successfully.

Career development program

DanStem believes strongly in external mentoring. Each postdoctoral fellow is encouraged to approach DanStem PIs outside of his/her home laboratory to explore and get support as a mentor. The mentor (PI) offers an outside perspective on career development for the fellow. 

Career support system

Our postdoctoral training program is based on individual research projects, working closely with a principal investigator (PI). The students are part of a group lead by a principle investigators based on their research interests and background. Since we aim to recruit the best Danish and international scientist. DanStem’ s secretariat together with the International staff mobility office  at UCPH (ISM) is prepared to assist the students with administrative tasks and other practicalities when they arrive in Denmark.

Career opportunities – Lunch Seminar series 

The 'Ca-Op' seminar series is organized for postdocs and PhD students at CPR, BMI, DanStem and ICMM.The purpose is to support young researchers in their career development, give them an opportunity to network and provide them with tools and skills that will help them in their future careers in academia or industry. The series offers regular lunch meetings throughout the entire year.

DanStem postdoc association

The DanStem postdoc association (DaPA) is organizing regular meetings to encourage scientific exchange, networking and career development on an informal basis.

Career Days 

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center Cluster organizes an annual Copenhagen Bioscience Career Day under the slogan ‘Connect. Collaborate. Create.’. The event focuses on future career possibilities. It is specifically designed for PhD and Postdoc students in life sciences who would like to learn more about the possibilities for an industry career. The event highlights different jobs and career paths for researchers. A similar career day is organized by the faculty on a regular basis.

Grant writing workshops

The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences is organizing regular full-day workshops on ‘How to apply for external postdoc funding’ and ‘How to write a grant proposal’. The workshop are offering an extensive overview over grant opportunities and professional support for grant writing. They include offers for individual consultation with research advisers from SUND Research & Innovation.

Path to leadership

The University and the Faculty are offering a basic qualification process led by professional coaches as general introduction to 'Good Leadership at University of Copenhagen'. A part of the program focuses specifically on research group leader development and has the purpose to enable research group leaders to develop a leadership and project management skills in different areas.

Career, women and UCPH program

UCPH has developed a ‘Career, Women and UCPH’ program offering for female researchers to support the aim of having more women in research and management. The course and coaching program spans over several months and helps talented female managers to develop their leadership skills before taking on a management roles.

Performance Development review

All employees at UCPH are offered to have annual development talks to discuss and define their professional and skill development in relation to career planning