DaPA: DanStem Postdoc Association

The DanStem Postdoc Association (DaPA) was formed in the autumn of 2016 to provide support and representation for the postdoc community at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Biology, DanStem. DaPA works together with center management to provide an open and collaborative research environment as well as the resources necessary for postdoctoral and scientific staff at DanStem to reach their full potential.

DanStem Postdoctoral researcher community 


As well as representing the scientific staff at the center, DaPA organizes a number of scientific, social and career building events for its members and the wider scientific community at DanStem.

The association is working towards providing:

  • A biennial DaPA scientific retreat
  • Training courses
  • Sponsored seminars
  • Career stage specific mentorship programs
  • A ‘PI bootcamp’ academic training program
  • An annual non-academic careers fair

From left: William Hamilton, Charlotte Bailey, Sara Pozzi and Dror Sever

DaPA is organized by community elected representatives. The current DaPA committee are Charlotte Bailey, Sara Pozzi (Co-chairs), William Hamilton and Dror Sever (Vice chairs).