CANCELED: DanStem Seminar by Bertie Gōttgens

 Bertie Gōttgens, Cambridge Stem Cell Institute, University of Cambridge
Title: Mapping Early Blood Development at Single Cell Resolution

The Göttgens group uses a combination of experimental and computational approaches to study how transcription factor networks control the function of blood stem cells and how mutations that perturb such networks cause leukaemia. This integrated approach has resulted in the discovery of new combinatorial interactions between key blood stem cell regulators, as well as experimentally validated computational models for blood stem cells. Current research focuses on (i) single cell genomics of early blood development, (ii) computer models to chart the transcriptional landscape of blood stem and progenitor cell differentiation, (iii) transcriptional consequences of leukaemogenic mutations in leukaemia stem/progenitor cells, and (iv) molecular characterisation of human blood stem/progenitor cell populations used in cell and gene therapy protocols.