DanStem Seminar by Frederic Lemaigre

February 11, 2019, Frederic LemaigreFaculté de médecine et médecine dentaire, Institut de Duve
Title: Gene regulatory networks driving hepatic cell fate determination
Venue: Holst auditorium

Frederic Lemaigre group  identifies genes that control development of liver and pancreatic cells in the embryo. They then unravel how dysfunction of these genes in adults causes disease and how disease can be treated by restoring cell and gene function.

The form and function of cells differ from one organ to the other. The acquisition of organ-specific properties of cells is called "cell differentiation" and this process mainly occurs during embryonic development. Using transgenic mouse models and human tissue samples they have identified genes that are essential for normal differentiation of liver and pancreatic cells. In parallel, they found that dysfunction of these genes in adults is associated with diseases such as liver or pancreas malformation, metabolic anomalies and cancer.