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DanStem Seminar by Tune Pers

Tune Pers, Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research.
Title: Prioritizing brain cell types for obesity using human genetics and single-cell transcriptomics

The group develops data-driven methodologies for understanding complex traits and in particular weight gain. Towards this aim, they primarily rely on human genetics data, large-scale single cell sequencing data, Danish population-wide registry data and machine learning techniques. 

They generate single-cell sequencing data in house at the Metabolism Center, work closely together with leading epidemiology groups at Statens Serum Institute, Denmark, and leading machine learners at the Technical Danish University. 

The lab comprises computational scientists, computational biologists and experimental biologists, and collaborate with internationally renowned researchers from Groningen University, The Netherlands,  Harvard University, USA and Oxford University, UK.

All are invited, no registration is needed