DanStem Seminar by Uri Manor

February 26, 2020, Uri Manor, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, California

Title: Novel Molecular and Computational Methods for High Spatiotemporal Resolution Imaging of Organelle Dynamics

Uri Manor’s primary focus is the integration and application of optical and charged particle detection technologies to study problems of critical biological significance. His current research focuses on developing deep learning-based computational approaches to increase the resolution, sensitivity and speed of the next generation of microscopes, as well as designing nanoprobes for high spatiotemporal resolution imaging of subcellular dynamics. Prior to joining Salk, Manor did his PhD thesis research work with Bechara Kachar (NIH), and his postdoctoral training with Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz (NIH and Janelia Farms) using advanced quantitative imaging approaches, such as superresolution and live cell imaging, automated analysis and segmentation of microscopy data, and computational modeling of biophysical and biochemical dynamics in the cell. His main biological interests are organelle-organelle contacts and cytoskeletal dynamics, mitochondria, sensorineural hearing loss, and neurodegeneration.