DanStem Seminar by Shahragim Tajbakhsh – University of Copenhagen

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DanStem Seminar by Shahragim Tajbakhsh

Shahragim Tajbakhsh, Institut Pasteur

Title: Reconciling heterogeneities in skeletal muscle stem cell populations

The Tajbakhsh's lab aims is to characterize stem cells and their daughters during embryonic and postnatal development of skeletal muscle to understand how this tissue is established, how it regenerates, and how aging in this tissue is defined.

The research group examines the gene regulatory networks that regulate myogenic stem cell emergence, and relating this to how cell order is established in this lineage with particular focus on transcription factors and signaling pathways. They are also investigating how stem/progenitor cells self-renew, essentially via symmetric vs. asymmetric cell divisions, and how the stem cell niche is defined.