Comm. Together

Science Communication at DanStem:

We use creative approach to share information, develop relationships and make the Center as a whole, visible.

We support new initiatives and create an arena to test, explore and learn.

We develop innovative ideas and hand them over to the community to develop and run with.

We seek collaborations with other disciplines. 

We invite others to learn from us and we are keen to learn what others are doing.

We use an open and inclusive approach, giving everyone a voice.

We support and train scientists who wish to explore science communication as a career path. 

Our collaborators:

The Animation Workshop


Cells of Knowledge



Cell-o-Fun: Art through Science 

DanStem Podcast Channel


Science Odyssey: An artistic observation of science

The approach of this documentary is to shadow the people who are conducting the research in their everyday work and to ‘open a window’ to the beauty of science.

Comm-Together Seminars

May 13, 2020, 13:00 Alex Eve, Development, the Company of Biologists, London 
Title: Career Fate Decisions: Publishing
Venue: Zoom (online)

June 17, 2020 Cathy Southworth, University of Edinburgh and UCPH
Title: My Science Engagement Journey
Venue: Zoom (online 

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