Advanced postdoctoral fellowship to Nina Funa from the Serup Group – University of Copenhagen

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23 January 2017

Advanced postdoctoral fellowship to Nina Funa from the Serup Group

JDRF grant

Postdoc Nina Funa from the Serup group has received a 3-year advanced postdoctoral fellowship from JDRF for her project “Identification of signaling pathways controlling expansion of human pancreatic progenitor cells”.

In this project Nina will use multi-color reporters to exploit how the signaling cues that regulate differentiation and cellular expansion during narrow windows of hPSCs progression to beta cells communicate, with the ultimate goal of generating sufficient numbers of insulin producing cells as a consistent and renewable source for cellular replacement in diabetic patients.

The JDRF Postdoctoral fellowships are designed to attract qualified, promising scientists entering their professional career in the T1D research field, within a training environment conducive to beginning a career in type 1 diabetes-relevant research.

JDRF is focused on funding and catalyzing research that will lead to a cure of T1D, improving the quality of life and relieving the burden for people living with T1D, and preventing the disease. JDRF’s focus and funding spans from early exploratory research and preclinical proof-of-principle to proof-of-concept clinical trials through to ensuring regulatory approval and reimbursement across all stages of T1D, while addressing the breadth of challenges in the discovery, development, and delivery of drugs and devices to cure, better treat, and prevent T1D.

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