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30 October 2015

Academic worker with cell- and developmental biology background

Open position

The Ober group is recruiting a talented and motivated academic worker with experience in molecular and cell- and developmental biology. The candidate will be supporting the team’s research in the area of liver development and regeneration in zebrafish.

Job description 
The job will consist of a combination of support duties and assisting with independent research projects investigating zebrafish liver formation. The responsibilities in the laboratory will include the management of the group’s laboratory stocks and supplies, general molecular biology and maintenance of the common zebrafish lines. In addition, the candidate will help develop research projects, for instance by generating and characterizing transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines, including a commitment to keep up to date with the relevant genome engineering and developmental biology literature and attend group meetings and seminars. Experience working with zebrafish would be desirable. 

For additional information about the position please contact Associate Professor Elke Ober: 

A relevant academic background at master level within the natural sciences or other relevant degree is required. 
Solid and documented work experience from established cell- and/or developmental biology and/or genetics laboratory is essential. Good organizational skills are required. 
Solid molecular biology experience is required and experience with zebrafish advantageous 
Communication skills, fluent in English language 
Integrity, motivation and flexibility and interaction skills. 

For more information and to apply for this position please click HERE