8 December 2018

Agnte Kirkeby appointed President of NECTAR

New appointment

At the most recent NECTAR Board Meeting at the NECTAR2018 meeting in Paris, DanStem Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby from University of Copenhagen was appointed NECTAR new President. 

NECTAR is a network for researchers in the field of neural transplantation and neural regenerative therapies. NECTAR was founded in Sweden in 1990 and is today composed of researcher from all over the world (see list of members here: https://nectar-eu.com/nectar-members/). The main function of NECTAR is to organize the yearly NECTAR meetings, which will take place in Cardiff in 2019 and in Copenhagen in 2020 and to form partnership on these meetings with the INTR (International symposium on Neural Transplantation and Restoration). NECTAR also communicates important news in the neural regenerative field through the website and newsletters.

NECTAR’s aim is to bring together European groups who share the common goal of protecting, repairing and restoring the central nervous system damaged through degenerative disease or injury. The main protagonists and now newer generations of scientists continue their research exploring cell transplantation and gene therapy as therapeutic strategies to improve the lives of patients with various neurological disorders.

Functional restoration in the central nervous system has attracted increasing attention recently, not only from scientists and clinicians worldwide, but also from patient foundations, media and healthcare systems. With planned or ongoing clinical trials in cell replacement, neuroprotection and gene therapy, and applications in Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and stroke by our members, the relevance of NECTAR has never been greater.

Membership of NECTAR is free and open to all researchers in the field of regenerative therapy for CNS conditions.

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