17 September 2021

An introduction to recombinant DNA and NGS techniques and applications

phd/ MSc course

The course “Introduction to recombinant DNA and NGS techniques and applications” organized by Jan Zylicz and DanStem postdoc association (DaPAI, is open for registration

The fundamental principles of molecular cloning will be explained with an emphasis on common applications in molecular and cellular biology. The course will build on foundation principals governing how DNA can be manipulated in a laboratory to generate bespoke molecules for a wide range of purposes. Specific applications of these concepts will cover

1. plasmid cloning, and the generation of transgenic mammalian cell lines using CRISPR/Cas9 technologies

2. experimental workflows for NGS projects

3. analytical workflows for NGS projects

The course is designed with early stage researchers in mind and is specifically structured to cover, and help alleviate, many of the common pitfalls when working with recombinant DNA. The topics will be covered in a lecture setting that will include group discussions and workshop style interactions which will draw from participants experiences.

The course consists of 6 Lectures

23rd-November-2021 9:15-12:15
30th-November -2021 9:15-12:15
7th-December -2021 9:15-12:15

An Individual assignments, equivalent to 32 hours of workload

Read more about the content and register:

For PhDs: https://phdcourses.ku.dk/DetailKursus.aspx?id=108785&sitepath=SUND
For Masters: https://kurser.ku.dk/course/shua13058u/2021-2022