DanStem Seminar by Andras Simon - February 1st, 2017, 12:00 – University of Copenhagen

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23 January 2017

DanStem Seminar by Andras Simon - February 1st, 2017, 12:00


Andras Simon, Department of Cell and Molecular Biology (CMB) Karolinska Institutet Title: Salamander regeneration: regulation and evolution

Time: 1 February 2017, 12:00

CPR Seminar room Panum Building 6, 2nd floor

The group has two main interests:

The first dimension is to reveal how adult neurogenesis and brain regeneration takes place. Here they focus on dopamine neurons in the midbrain. In particular on the role of neurotransmitter signaling in neurogenesis during normal physiological conditions and also after neuronal ablation.

The second dimension of the research is to understand how skeletal muscle contributes to new tissues during limb regeneration. They have identified a Pax7+ stem cell population in salamander skeletal muscle and they try to understand how these cells take part in limb regeneration. Salamander skeletal muscle may also undergo a unique dedifferentiation process during limb regeneration, and they aim to reveal the mechanisms underlying skeletal muscle dedifferentiation.


All are welcome. Registration is not needed