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21 March 2014

Two DanStem PhD Fellows receive prestigious poster awards.

Best Poster Prizes

PhD Fellow Zarah Löf Öhlin (Semb Lab) and PhD Fellow Manuel Figueiredo-Larsen (Grapin-Botton Lab) awarded 1st and 3rd Prize for Best Poster at the Joint Spring meeting of the British Societies for Cell and Developmental Biology (BSCB-BSDB) on March 18.

The two awardees were selected among more than 200 posters submitted for the conference, and both awardees are very proud and happy that all their hard work has been valued and awarded with such a prestigious prize.

Together with the First Prize, Zarah Löf Öhlin also received a complimentary registration for the Society for Developmental Biology‘s (SDB) 73rd Annual Meeting to be held in Seattle, USA in July 2014. The SDB is an international forum for research, education and career development in developmental biology. Zarah Löf Öhlin’s research is focused on how apical polarity is regulating differentiation of pancreatic beta cells with the overall aim of contributing new insights into the mechanism behind the development of functional, insulin producing beta cells from an embryonic stem cells. In her poster she presented new results on the role of Rac1, PI3K and EGFR signaling in this process. “I was very surprised, although flattered when they called out my name, “ says Zarah Löf Öhlin, “ I’m really happy and grateful that my work was recognized by BSDB and that I get to represent them at the Society for Developmental Biology meeting in Seattle in July. It is truly a great opportunity for me to be able to meet all the top Developmental Biologists in the world, since I’m in the process of wrapping up my PhD and soon to be ready to take the next step in my carrier.” Manuel Figueiredo-Larsen received the 3rd prize for his poster on Three-Dimensional tissue culture modelling of pancreas development which was focused on research into how are we able to grow pancreas in a petri dish in the laboratory.  











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