7 May 2018

Order a Scientist/ Bestil en forsker with Mette Christine Jørgensen


On April 24, 2018, Senior Scientist Mette Christine Jørgensen visited Helsingør Gymnasium to talk about stem cells.

As part of the “Bestil en forsker” initiative, Senior Scientist, Mette Christine Jørgensen was invited to Helsingør Gymnasium to give a 90 min talk about her research, including questions and a lively discussion.

The talk was about:

  • Stem cells in general,
  • The differencw between stem cell types 
  • Working with stem cells in the lab
  • The close connection between developmental biology and stem cell biology
  • The state of the stem cell research field, i.e. what it can offer?
  • Ethical concerns
  • Future prospects.

The audience was the last year (3g) biologi level A class and all biotech classes (1g, 2g and 3g). Around 100 students in total have participated.

Mette Christine Jørgensen, Senior Scientist The Serup Group