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27 April 2016

DanStem scientists participated in 'Order a Researcher' (Bestil en Forsker)

Outreach and Public Engagement

Assistant Professor Mette Christine Jørgensen and PhD student Svend Bertel Steffensen have participated at the 'Order a Researcher' (Bestil en Forsker) initiative, where researchers could be booked to give a short lecture about their research.

Two of DanStems' scientists have volunteered  'to be booked' in order to tell their research story.

On April 27, 2016, Svend and Mette have visited Novo Nordisk A/S in Bagsværd, for two hours, giving an introduction to stem cell research. They were talking about stem cells in general, using stem cells in future diabetes treatments and the availability of (unproven) stem cell treatments at private clinics in e.g. USA and Europe.

The scientists presented a 3D printed versions of a pancreas organoid, and a resembled computer model.

The audience consisted of approximately 15 lab technicians, with mixed experience within cell biology and mouse experiment.

The participants were very engaged, had many relevant questions, and above all, it was an enjoyable and enriching experience to both the scientists and the audience.