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23 April 2015

About DanStem on the BioZoom magazine

Articles on BioZoom

Two stories about DanStem have been published on the BioZoom magazine. One about the center in general by professors Palle Serup, Joshua Brickman and Henrik Semb, and the other about Stem cell-derived beta cells to treat diabetes, by Professor Anne Grapin Botton

One article tells the story of The Danish Stem Cell Center (DanStem), since it has been established in late 2011, at the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen. It describes the following center's mission and aims:

  • To establish internationally competitive stem cell research at the highest level with in Denmark 
  • To establish new mechanisms to translate findings from this work into the clinic.
  • To promote stem cell biology with in the Copenhagen area through organizing courses, international conferences, and hosting a regular seminar series that brings world leaders to speak in Copenhagen.

You can read the full story by clicking HERE

The second story is about Stem cells' potential to affect future treatments for diabetes. Endowed with an ability to give rise to any cell type in our body, the challenge resides in coaxing these cells in the right direction, to differentiate them into functional beta cells. After 10 years of development of methods that recapitulate each step the cells normally execute in the body before they become beta cells, major progress on the last step has been achieved in 2014. Read more about this story HERE

About The BioZoom Magazine

BioZoom is a quarterly journal published since 1997 for DSBMB members with articles and debate on research policy, biotech industry, science history, ethics, education, European science and university reform