15 November 2018

Is it possible to use stem cells to produce new nerve cells?

public engagement

What cause diseases such as Parkinson, Alzheimer and Huntington? Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby, from DanStem shared knowledge about stem cells, and how they can be used. Exploring  Bioscience Conference, November 15th,  Aarhus. 

in the conference 'A trip into the body, November 15, 2018, DanStem Associate Professor Agnete Kirkeby described how we can use stem cells to produce new nerve cells in the laboratory, which can be transplanted into the brain of patients. Agnete explained why some diseases are more suitable for stem cell treatment than others, and gave an insight into the progress of developing stem cell treatment for Parkinson's disease. Another interesting aspect she addressed is how to use stem cells from patients to produce "sick" nerve cells in the laboratory that can be used to test new medical drugs for brain diseases.

The conference was tailored to people with academic interest in molecular biology, medicine, biochemistry or biotechnology with direct or indirect relation to health and disease prevention, researchers and teachers, students and pharmaceutical companies.

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