14 December 2018

Cell-o- Fun - Art Through Science

science as art

Cell-o- Fun is a celebration of art and science, where scientific images are measured as objects of art

33 images were submitted, over 500 people have visited the competition website and over 80 people submitted votes.

The completion aimed to:

  • Display the attractiveness of science
  • Increase the awareness of scientists to the beauty of their scientific findings
  • Increase the visibility of the Center and its scientific findings
  • Make the Center a visually pleasant place
  • Increase the sense of cohesion and unity

The winning images are:

1st place: Disco Fish, by Charlotte Bailey, The Ober group

2nd place: by Martti Maimets, The Jensen group


3rd place: Fluorescence Mouse, by Carla Goncalves, The Grapin-Botton group


The competition was organized by: Siham Yanek, Ilcim Thestrup, Dror Sever and Naomi D. @danstem communication  

Please contact us if you wish to display the images at your organization and/or to learn more about the images and the scientists who created them.

DanStem holds copyright to all photography & images found on this website. Duplication, processing, distribution, manipulation or any form of commercialization of such material shall require the prior written consent of DanStem.