13 March 2020

Coronavirus: DanStem contingency plan


The University of Copenhagen is closed down from Friday, March 13, and for two weeks to begin with. 

DanStem management has assessed the situation and according to ministerial order  will be closed down for all unnecessary activities.

If you have any inquiry, please contact the relevant person:
Group Leaders  
Henrik Semb semb@sund.ku.dk
Joshua Brickman joshua.brickman@sund.ku.dk
Palle Serup palle.serup@sund.ku.dk
Elke Ober elke.ober@sund.ku.dk 
Elisabetta Ferretti elisabetta.ferretti@sund.ku.dk 
Jakub Sedzinski jakub.sedzinski@sund.ku.dk
Labs and Facilities   
Angeliki Meligkova angeliki.meligkova@sund.ku.dk
Helen Neil helen.neil@sund.ku.dk
Naomi Geshi naomi.geshi@sund.ku.dk
Gelo de la Cruz gelo.delacruz@sund.ku.dk
Jutta Bulkescher jutta.bulkescher@sund.ku.dk 
Minus 80 freezers and cold room functions in the wet lab  
Naomi Geshi naomi.geshi@sund.ku.dk
Alexandre Eddy Vanoosthuyse alexandre.vanoosthuyse@sund.ku.dk 
Mira Kargaard Jakobsen mira.jakobsen@sund.ku.dk 
Angeliki Meligkova angeliki.meligkova@sund.ku.dk
TC related equipment: Minus 150, minus 80, minus 20 freezers, temperature in freezer rooms, cryotanks, oxygen monitor  
Angeliki Meligkova angeliki.meligkova@sund.ku.dk
Søren Refsgård Lindskog  lindskog@sund.ku.dk 
Yan Fung Wong  yan.fung.wong@sund.ku.dk 
Naomi Geshi naomi.geshi@sund.ku.dk
Thomas Bjørn Poulsen thomas.poulsen@sund.ku.dk
Amir Aslani amir.aslani@sund.ku.dk 
Anne Lauesen Groule alg@sund.ku.dk 
Helle Hegelund helle.hegelund@sund.ku.dk 
Research support  
Simone Wenkel simone.wenkel@sund.ku.dk 
Naomi Dayan naomi.dayan@sund.ku.dk