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04 October 2016

Applications now open for 2017 Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme

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Applications are open until December 15, 2016. Applicants should apply through the Novo Nordisk Foundation application system. Interviews will be held in Copenhagen in March 2017.

The Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme is designed to introduce students to a range of world-class research within biomedicine and biotechnology, and equip them with exceptional skills for their future careers. The four-year PhD Programme is a unique new concept for PhD education in Denmark, with students recruited initially to the Programme rather than individual labs. The first (pre-doc) year incorporates common courses and short rotation projects to optimize student-supervisor matching and encourage interdisciplinary research ideas. Students select a lab for their PhD project towards the end of the pre-doc year, and work on their PhD project during years 2-4 (the PhD years). Throughout the four years, the PhD Programme supports the building of researcher networks, development and successful execution of PhD project plans, and acquisition of a broad base of knowledge and expertise.

DanStem offers the following potential supervisors/ projects for 2017 students.

Josh Brickman – Regulating the transition from totipotency to pluripotency

Anne Grapin-Botton – Single cell choices and community behavior during organogenesis

Elisabetta Ferretti – Role of Pbx proteins in lineage choice and mesodermal competence

Kristian Helin – Targeting epigenetic enzymes in cancer

Elke Ober – Progenitor cell behaviours in zebrafish liver organogenesis and regeneration

Ole William Petersen – The cellular origin of human breast cancer

Bo Porse – Epigenetic control in normal and malignant hematopoiesis

Henrik Semb – How polarity shapes the destiny of stem cells

Palle Serup – Integration of Notch Signalling and Lineage Specific Transcription Factors in Organ Patterning

Novo Nordisk Fonden PhD-program ceremoni.

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