16 August 2020

DanStem Group Leaders talking in metaphors

science communication

How can you describe your research in a single metaphor? Ten DanStem Group Leaders (GLs) met with a team from the Animation Workshop (VIA University College, Viborg DK) to co-produce short animations explaining stem cell research to a lay audience.

On Friday, August 14, 2020, Cosimo Miorelli, Sia Søndergaard, Peter Vistisen and Aleksander Priess spent a full day at Holst Auditorium together with DanStem GLs.

The initial instructions were to prepare a 30 second intro which summarizes each individual group's research, and to find a metaphor which could symbolize the respective research.

This rewarding experience reflects the importance of bringing science and visual storytelling experts together. Developing a common language is essential in order to co-produce animations for the benefit of science , and mostly for the benefit of the public.

The short (1-1.5 min) animations will complement the GLs webpages to comply with the new EU directive instructing EU public sector websites to communicate contents efficiently to people with disabilities.

Read more about the team of visiting experts: