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02 October 2017

DanStem scientists take part in Videnskaben på Besøg ‘Science is Visiting’


Two teams of scientists have participated this year at the 'Videnskaben på besøg' Science is Visiting initiative, where Scientists visit schools for a short lecture about their field of research.

During week 39, senior scientist Mette Christine Jørgensen and PhD student Jonas van Cuyl from the Serup group and postdoc Charlotte Bailey and PhD student Ilcim Ozlu from the Ober group have visited three schools and interacted with approximately 100 students.

”Hvad er stamceller?” led by Mette and Jonas

26.09.2017: Atheneskolen, Søborg, primary school pupils, 5th and 6th grade
27.09.2017: Endrupskolen, Fredensborg, primary school pupils, 9th grade

The scientists started the lesson with a quiz about stem cells which triggered many questions, that was followed by a small exercise, and ended the visit with an open discussion along with relevant info on stem cells research.

”Can zebrafish help cure human diseases?” led by Ilcim and Charlotte

28.09.2017: Nordsjællands Grundskole og Gymnasium, NGG International School, Hørsholm, secondary school pupils, 1.g

The visit was a mix of lecture and hands-on activity with the fish embryos. The talked about the development of zebrafish and its use in research. They also addressed particular diseases like heart and pigmentation disorders that are studied in zebrafish. The students during the hands-on session got to observe larvae which such disorders and fill out a questionnaire in a workbook prepared by the scientists for this visit. The visit ended with an ethical discussion.

The young audience in both visits was engaged and excited.