13 October 2019

DanStem scientists engaged with the public at Culture Night 2019

kulturnatten 2019

DanStem values a direct interaction with the public. We often open our labs and research facilities to show and tell what stem cell research is and in what ways these studies could contribute to better understanding and treating life-threatening diseases.

'Culture Night' is Copenhagen's most well-attended cultural event and a platform for public institutes to open doors and interact with the public. Every year our scientists participate in this grand celebration of outreach at The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences. This year, (Friday, October 11, 2019), our team, led by senior scientist and scientific outreach coordinator Mette Jørgensen and by outreach coordinator Simone Wenkel, showed stages of development in chicken egg. By playing both an interactive floor game and several computer games our scientists demonstrated stem cell differentiation as well as biological processes in a fun and memorable way.

The DanStem booth attracted hundreds of visitors of all ages, who could talk and interact with scientists in person. This was also an opportunity for the public to visit the DanStem Cinema, showing the film 'Science Odyssey'. The movie provides a cinematic experience, where the audience is exposed to what scientists practice when operating research.

Over 6,000 people have visited the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences during Culture Night 2019 (Kulturnatten) .

The Culture Night team:
Paul Riccio, Aditya Sankar, Despoina Barmpouri, Guilherme Bastos Ventura, Maria Molano Fernandez, Mette Louise Trempenau, Karin Farkas, Magali Michaut, Robert Alexander Bone, Adam Rump, Gaurav Singh Rathore, Nadine Goldhammer.

Public Engagement Coordinators:
Mette Jørgensen and Simone Wenkel.

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Science Odyssey* - A glimpse into the beauty of science

*The movie was screened also at the Artis Exhibition