1 May 2019

DanStem scientists were nominated to serve on a new PLOS Channel

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Professor Josh Brickman will be part of  the PLOS Stem Cells Channel  Editorial Board, while DanStem postdocs, Siham Yennek, and Rita Monteiro will serve as the Channel Administrators.

PLOS Channels are resources for research communities: a single “one-stop-shop” destination to discover and explore content from PLOS journals as well as the broader literature, supplemented by preprints, blogs, news, events, commentary and more to keep readers up to date with the latest research in their field. 

The scope of the PLOS Stem Cells Channel was developed with the Channel Editors ,who will be responsible for curating the content that goes into the Channel. One of the editors is Josh Brickman from DanStem, who will serve on the board together with Emma Rawlins and Azim Surani

The Brickman’s lab at DanStem is focused on the transcriptional basis for lineage specification in both embryonic stem cells and early embryos. The group addresses how transcriptional heterogeneities arise in an otherwise uniform population of “undifferentiated cells”, how heterogeneities are translated into patterns and new cellular identities, and how dynamic transcriptional heterogeneities can explain the functional properties of stem or progenitor cells. .

Siham Yennek and Rita Monteiro, postdoctoral researchers at DanStem, were nominated to serve as Channel Administrators. 

 PLOS (for Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit open-access science, technology and medicine publisher, innovator and advocacy organization with a library of open-access journals and other scientific literature under an open-content license. It launched its first journal, PLOS Biology, in October 2003 and publishes seven journals, as of October 2015.