DanStem Seminar by Anders Lund- September 16, 2015 – University of Copenhagen

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01 September 2015

DanStem Seminar by Anders Lund- September 16, 2015


Anders Lund, BRIC, The University of Copenhagen Title: Non-coding RNA and Cancer

Anders LundBRIC, The University of Copenhagen
Non-coding RNA and Cancer

16 September 2015, 12:00
CPR Seminar room Panum Building 6, 2nd floor

The aim of the laboratory is to unveil fundamental biological mechanisms and understand how these become perturbed during diseases, most prominently cancer, with the ambition that our findings may contribute to the development of clinical tools.

The lab focuses mainly on various classes of non-coding RNAs, such as microRNAs, snoRNAs, tRNAs and lncRNAs. In addition, we study RNA binding proteins and RNA modifications. Special focus areas include the regulation of central tumor suppressor pathways and autophagy.

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