9 November 2018

DanStem Seminar by David Bryant, November 21, 2018


November 21, 2018, David Bryant, Institute of Cancer Sciences / CRUK Beatson Institute

November 21, 2018, David Bryant, Institute of Cancer Sciences / CRUK Beatson Institute 

Talk title: The phospholipid PI(3,4)P2 is an apical identity determinant.

21 November 2018, 12:15

Dam Auditorium

The Bryant lab focuses on how cell polarity is controlled in prostate tumours. Their efforts are focused on two molecular pathways: the role of ARF GTPases (and their regulators and effectors, which we call the 'ARF regulome'), and the role of the cell surface protein, Podocalyxin. Both molecules are highly overexpressed in metastatic prostate cancer tumours.

The group has developed cutting-edge, high-content microscopy and computational image analysis of tumour spheroids and organoids to characterise how cell polarity is altered from normal cells to become tumours. The ultimate aim is to investigate such changes in cell polarity as potential future biomarkers of cancer in patients, and possible targets for future therapeutic interventions.