28 November 2019

Special DanStem Seminar by Davide Seruggia, December 9, 11:15


December 9, 11:15, Davide Seruggia, Boston Children's Hospital Title: The dark and bright side of epigenetics: interrogating chromatin modifiers and non-coding elements Venue: Faculty club (Panum)

Davide Seruggia is a molecular and cellular biologist with experience in genome engineering, chromatin biology, stem cells and hematopoiesis. Combining human genetics, epigenetics and genome engineering to understand disease mechanism and explore therapeutic opportunities. 

9 December 2019, 11:15

Faculty Club (Panum)

His research involves the study of mammalian DNA non-coding elements, the associated chromatin marks and the epigenetic factors that read and write the histone code. He uses novel genetic tools such as CRISPR/Cas9 to dissect the role of non-coding sequences and to interrogate the activity of epigenetic-relevant genes, editing a single locus or testing multiple sequences in pooled screening formats. Davide Seruggia uses mouse embryonic stem cells, hematopoiesis and cancer as model systems. He is interested in the role of epigenetic regulators and the control of gene expression and their potential as target of therapy, particularly towards blood malignancies. He is committed to expand the boundaries of genome editing to provide models of disease and innovative therapies.