20 February 2018

DanStem Seminar by Fredrik Lanner, 28 February 2018, 12:15


Fredrik Lanner, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm Title: ”Exploringpluripotency and early human development”

Fredrik Lanner, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm
Title: ”Exploringpluripotency and early human development”

Time: 28 February 2018, 12:15

Place: Haderup Auditorium

The Lanner lab aims to:

1. Uncover the fundamental principles underlying how the first cell types and pluripotency is established in the early human embryo.

2. Establish a good manufacturing practice (GMP) bank of clinically compliant high quality embryonic stem cells (ESCs).

3. Explore treatment of age-related macula degeneration using ESC derived retinal pigmented epithelial cells.

ESCs isolated from the human blastocyst can be propagated indefinitely and directed into any cell type of the adult human, offering great potential for regenerative medicine to replace lost or damaged tissues. The knowledge of how these pluripotent cells are established and controlled in vivo is generated primarily in animal modes such as the mouse while our knowledge of the same process in the human is rudimentary and key differences are emerging. We will explore these issues through single cell mRNA sequencing, pioneering genetic technologies and functional assays in human blastocysts. This fundamental knowledge will also be important for our understanding of infertility, a problem affecting 10-15% of all couples in our society.