30 April 2018

DFF joint Research Project 2 to Danstem Professor Joshua Brickman, and CPR Professor Jesper Velgaard Olsen


Joint DanStem and CPR project: Interpreting MAP kinase signaling – how a stem cell decides to differentiate.

Stem cells have a special ability where they can either remain in an "undifferentiated" stem cell state, or choose to become a more specialized cell type. But what does this decision mean? 

An in-depth understanding of this issue creates an essential prerequisite for utilizing stem cells for regenerative medicine. We know that stem cells are directed by signals from other cells, but how do these signals produce their orders. This project aims to investigate how a signal informs embryonic stem cells whether to leave stem cell state and begin specialization. The group will explore how these signals control the choice to turn off stem cell instructions and turn on new instructions. We will also find out how cells exploit their capacity to grow and divide as a means to access and interpret these instructions.  Since the Ras / Erk signal is a basic regulator of stem cell culture and is active in many tumour types, our studies should lead to a better understanding of how these signals are altered in the development of cancer - Josh Brickman.

About DFF–Research Project 2

Independent Research Fund Denmark funds specific research activities within all scientific areas that are based on the researchers' own initiatives and that improve the quality and internationalisation of Danish research.

In order to strengthen the quality of Danish research and develop the level of collaboration, the funding for research projects is to be carried out by several researchers

A DFF– Research Project 2 is characterized by a coordinated and mutually binding collaboration that takes its point of departure in a well-defined, joint problem statement.

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Professor Joshua Brickman
Professor Jesper Velgaard Olsen