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26 September 2016

Group Leader Position in Pancreatic Cancer Biology

Job opportunity

We are looking for a candidate with important and original contributions and with the ability to develop a strong research programme in basic and disease-oriented pancreatic cancer biology.

The employment will be as Associate Professor (Lektor) at DanStem, University of Copenhagen, and can be placed either at the main DanStem center location at the Panum Institute or at BRIC, where two of the research groups at DanStem are located.
Appointment to the position requires scientific qualifications of a PhD or equivalent scientific qualifications and documented scientific production at an international level.
Currently the gross annual salary is around 70.000 € including supplement plus pension of 17.1%. Depending on qualifications, a higher salary may be negotiated. Non-Danish and Danish applicants may be eligible for tax reduction (researcher tax scheme), if they have not lived in Denmark the past 10 years.

Deadline for applications is November 6th, 2016

For more information please contact: Henrik Semb (, and/or Kristian Helin (

Link to the full legal advertisement


From left: Henrik Semb, Elke Ober, Joshua Brickman, Elisabetta Ferretti, Kristian Helin, Ole William Petersen, Palle Serup and Bo Porse, (Anne Grapin-Botton is missing)