19 January 2018

University Rector, Henrik C. Wegener visits DanStem


On January 15, 2018 Henrik C. Wegener the University rector visited DanStem. The visit is part of the Rector’s initiative to meet with university departments and centers.

The visit of DanStem started with meeting the center’s management, continued with a guided tour of the research facilities and ended with an open session with all staff.  

"It was a pleasure to show around newly-appointed Rector Henrik Wegener the laboratories and to engage him personally during his visit to DanStem. I believe this meritable effort to better know the research centers will be an advantage towards the improvement of research at KU." - Pedro Rifes, Postdoctoral Researcher, DanStem

The tour of the facilities began on the 4th floor and led Rector Wegener through the research labs and corridors with stops at microscopes, dissection room and FACS, cell culture and sequencing facilities before ending in the Faculty Club for meeting the DanStem staff. 

The open lab format and active work in the lab made a striking impression - clearly full speed operations at DanStem.  Especially impressive and noted by the Rector was that DanStem has not only acquired cutting-edge technologies, but has pushed to improve and develop these both in-house and through collaborations with other units with bioinformatician and technology experts.

Several questions were raised especially around the new university strategy that was approved in December 2017. The rector motivated us to better engaged with required efforts in implementation and delivery of the new university strategy.